GoRound registreert kritische controlepunten bij brouwerij Lindemans At the Lindemans Brewery, seven operators in two shifts use the GoRound app on their smartphone to register the results of the critical control point (CCP) inspections of the bottling line. This saves fifteen minutes per batch, says product manager Dimitri Pé.  This article is based on the […]

Smart & Mobile Operations

Smart and Mobile Operations Many industrial companies deal with complex operations in their plants. It often forces management to speed up the operational digitalization to be a competitive market player. Although technological innovations make it possible to automate nearly an entire plant, it is still vital to have skilled personnel with in-depth knowledge. Unfortunately, due […]

Internal food control

Quality Management

An optimal internal control is more than a checklist In food production many checks are performed daily to assure food quality and safety. Recent incidents with Listeria and Salmonella and the increased scale of food production in a globalized supply chain confirm the need of extensive controls. Next to the impact on public health, an […]

iTanks pitch

Pitching GoRound for the iTanks community iTanks is a community of port related companies. These include (petro)chemical refineries, storage & logistics companies, and service companies for engineering & maintenance. All these companies perform inspections everyday. It is stiking to see how much still work on paper and use Excel for data trending. With the GoRound […]