Welcome to paperless operations

Have your team perform inspections, tasks and instructions digitally, and improve your productivity in doing so.

Welcome to the era of paperless inspections!

Your production, maintenance and SHEQ

Keep your assets in shape

Check your warehouses and trucks, and assign resulting tasks in the most efficient way. Custom dashboards will give you valuable insights.

Make your team excel

The GoRound platform empowers your team. Everyone knows what to do and has all essential information to get the job done.

Stop wasting time on paperwork

Over are the days of running around with pen and paper. Your inspection reports are ready as soon as you've finished the job.

The features to boost your operations

Everywhere, anytime

Always have the essential information at hand thanks to the mobile interface. Wherever the task, whatever your device.

Track progess on action plans

Create tasks easily and get an overview on their progress. Generate an action plan when the audit has been performed for swift followup.

Schedule work

Scheduling work has never been easier. The integrated planner lets you assign tasks to people and assets in no time.

Measure and improve

Use clear dashboards to measure and analyze your data. Get the valuable insights that help you to improve and optimize your operations.

Turn records into reports

A digital record is generated for each checklist. Turn this data into visual reporting - with your company's logo on it.

Create the forms you need

Do you need an operator round, a work instruction? Make the intelligent and clear checklists your business needs, and do so without any coding skills.

Have it your way!

Put our powerful platform to work for your business.

This is where others before you have saved time and money using GoRound.

GoRound has got you covered

Focus on what matters for your business and let GoRound do the heavy lifting for you.