Developing a Competitive Industry

Gemsotec is dedicated to deliver a sustainable and competitive industry. It therefore focuses
on Industry 4.0 and innovative technologies.

Assess Your Industry 4.0 Needs

Gemsotec analyses your current situation, degree of digitization and performs a gap analysis. It uses its expertise to assess your needs in the field of Industry 4.0, such as paperless factory, IoT, smart warehousing, tracking & security and new technologies to support your industrial operations.

Project Management & Implementation

Together with you Gemsotec will elaborate a project plan defining the priorities, user requirements and methods for the implementation of new solutions. Gemsotec defines a detailed list of specifications for the proposed solutions. Gemsotec is dedicated to implement your projects faster and with an excellent quality.

Operational Excellence & Asset Management

Reliability, efficiency, quality and safety are the main priorities within operational excellence. Gemsotec helps you to develop your long term strategy based on assessments, best practices and available technologies.


Develop your strategy for innovation to reach a sustainable and competitive industry. This includes an analysis of innovative technologies, an R&D strategy and subsidy and grant opportunities.