During an intervention, every minute counts and a good image of the incident is therefore crucial. The commanding officer must be able to form the best possible picture of the situation during the turn-out in order to be able to act in a targeted manner once on the spot. The objective was to build an innovative intervention application, tailored and adapted to the needs of the firefighters, using the latest technologies. INA makes all relevant information available in a smart and intuitive way and ensures efficient communication between all parties involved.

INA as the starting point for the fire services 4.0

The best of both worlds: an MDT and intervention channel combined in one application

Maximum information with minimal interaction

Intervention channel

A unique intervention channel is created for each intervention. This channel contains all information related to the incident with relevant documents or procedures automatically added. Moreover, you communicate easily by sharing information such as messages, photos and screenshots.

Interactive map

The interactive map is enriched with the available GIS data and will visualize relevant information on the map in a targeted manner. The intelligent map also provides routing to the location of the incident, weather information and the real-time position of the units. This component was developed by strategic partner Nazka Mapps.

powerful automation

Depending on the type of intervention and other parameters, relevant information is automatically displayed.

hosted in the cloud

The application is hosted and maintained in a well-secured cloud.


All past interventions can be consulted 24 hours after closing. Thereafter they are exported to the archive.

other technical info

INA is a progressive web application, which makes the application usable on all devices, also offline.

some other gains

Download the INA white paper!

INA app in the news

Heavy thunderstorms ravaged Belgium in mid-August. Hundreds of interventions of flooded cellars, fallen trees, branches, … were simultaneously managed via the INA app, which assists commanders in following up an intervention!

Winner Agoria eGov and Smart City awards 2020

INA wins in the user-friendliness category of the Agoria eGov and Smart City awards! A wonderful recognition from the jury for all the work delivered. INA was also able to win the public award, which made the evening all the more beautiful. Watch the video that was shown during the award ceremony here.