INA, the intervention app that makes every minute count

Access to information

The INA interface allows to immediately access relevant information in an intuitive way. Text messages, photos, videos documents and GIS layers all in one view.

Streamlined communications

The communication between all stakeholders is streamlined in the intervention channel so that everyone has the same view and unnecessary communication is avoided.

Most user-friendly app

Every effort was made to have easy and quick access to all information. This focus on an easy-to-use interface has resulted in INA winning the award for «most user-friendly Belgian eGov app» .

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Dispatch module

Intervention Channel

Interactive map

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Incident Command

Incident Command System

You can easily draw up a command structure for each intervention. Vehicles assigned to the intervention can be automatically assigned to the correct flanks. Who are responsible for the intervention and the flanks? Which communication channel applies to the flank? You can consult it all here. In addition, arriving vehicles can easily be assigned to a flank during the intervention.


Asset intensive industries

Chemical plant

Firefighting departments

Ambulance services


INA as the starting point for the fire services 4.0

The best of both worlds: an MDT and intervention channel combined in one application

Maximum information with minimal interaction

Winner Agoria eGov and Smart City awards 2020

INA wins in the user-friendliness category of the Agoria eGov and Smart City awards! A wonderful recognition from the jury for all the work delivered. INA was also able to win the public award, which made the evening all the more beautiful. Watch the video that was shown during the award ceremony here.

powerful automation

Depending on the type of intervention and other parameters, relevant information is automatically displayed.

hosted in the cloud

The application is hosted and maintained in our well-secured cloud


All communications and actions are automatically available for reprting. Thereafter they are exported to your archive.

Any device, anytime, anywhere

INA can be used on all devices and operating systems no matter where you are

some other gains