Covid-19: the time to digitize is now

The Covid 19 crisis raises a lot of questions within companies. How can I start my business in a safe way? How will I get things done? Will there be a second or even a third peak towards the end of the year? The answers to these questions are not always clear. One thing is however crystal clear, digitization is definitely one of the answers. Remote work, web shops, deliveries at home are keeping companies in business. Companies who already made the investments years ago are now thriving.

Within operations of production companies, digitization and automation are already ongoing for many years. We’ve seen however that there are still a lot of opportunities within large companies and especially within SMEs. A lot of companies have focussed on automating the processes, but the people have somewhat been forgotten. For example, operators are often still running around with lots of paper and this paper then goes to somebody else who needs to insert the content into a kind of quality or accounting system. Does this ring a bell? 

Our GoRound platforms offers a digitized alternative for this paperwork, such as inspections, tasks, instructions and all other types of checklists. This results in a better efficiency, less errors, more engaged employees,  a better quality  management and now we can add a decreased risk of contamination by Covid 19. The benefits are clear, but where do I start? 

You can simply fill in the contact form on our website. We will contact you and make an appointment for a web conference meeting to listen to your story and offer you a demo. The next step is a proof of concept which allows you to validate the benefits for your organisation. In case the outcome is positive, the implementation and roll out can start. As the software is hosted in the cloud and it is very intuïtive to set-up and use there is no need for the Gemsotec personnel to come on site. Your operations will not be disturbed in these difficult times. Are you convinced?

The Gemsotec team is ready and available to help you on your digital journey.