Service Level Agreement

1. Purpose of this document

This SLA explains the standard level of service offered by Gemsotec.

2. Who benefits?

Except where stated otherwise, this SLA applies only to paying Clients of Gemsotec that have a valid subscription and are on time with all their payments.

3. Different service Levels & context

There is only one service level for all Clients.

This SLA applies to the GoRound Webapp and mobile apps (or any successor products indicated by Gemsotec). Because the product consists of a combination of Web based components, its actual performance  depends on many different circumstances, including aspects upstream (e.g. Internet or connectivity availability, performance of infrastructure providers, performance by other providers such as Google, OVH, Auth0,, and others as indicated by Gemsotec from time to time) and downstream (e.g. quality of setup and configuration by the Client, Client’s own IT environment, web performance locally, etc). Therefore, Gemsotec is not responsible for the final end result – the service levels we describe only apply to our software as such.

4. Service description

Gemsotec offers the following services :

  • Answering technical questions
  • Bug fixing
  • Providing new features

Answering technical questions consists of explaining to users how the Gemsotec Platform works, and answering questions around configuration or new features.This service is also provided to prospect Clients during the trial period.

Bug fixing consists of fixing errors in the performance of the Gemsotec system, to the extent they are reported and repeatable. Any issues in relation to the Client’s own systems is not included. Any issues related to third party applications that Gemsotec integrates with is limited to calling customer support of such third party applications and asking them to provide support within the limits of their support performance.

Issues must be reported via or such other email as communicated by Gemsotec.

Gemsotec decides alone on the resolution of any issue and the way it applies fixes or workarounds, but always tries to take into account the effect on Clients and their business.

Providing new features is pretty self-explanatory. Gemsotec reserves the right to offer certain sets of features or functionality as premium-priced options. For more information check our pricing page.

New features or updates only apply to the standard Gemsotec product. If, as a result of an update or new feature, certain implementation or configuration work needs to be adapted (e.g. because it is Client-specific), then that falls outside of the scope of the standard support, and Gemsotec is entitled to charge service fees for such adaptation.

5. Service Levels

All services and levels mentioned are provided on a reasonable endeavours basis.

Answering technical questions is provided typically during normal Belgian office hours.

Bug fixing is provided as soon as reasonably possible, taking into account the seriousness of the issue and the role of the Gemsotec Platform in the issue. If necessary this will include providing the service outside of normal Belgian office hours, subject to availability and the nature of the problem. Gemsotec may make available to Clients the possibility to subscribe to technical update notifications.

Gemsotec strives to provide 100% availability of the Platform, and in addition is working towards bug fixing reaction availability 24/7. However, we are not liable if we don’t achieve any particular metric, and Clients specifically waive any right to any specific metric, or the consequences if a specific metric is not achieved.

New features are provided as and when they are ready and considered of the quality required by Gemsotec standards. Clients are invited and encouraged to subscribe to the change log to stay abreast of any new implementations. Clients who require specific features or want to move forward in time certain developments are invited to contact us.

6. Questions?

In case you have any questions in relation to the above, please contact us at