Plant inspections for the process industry

Plants in the process industry, being chemical, oil & gas and large food processing companies, are complex and challenging environments. To keep production going and maintain the assets in good condition plant inspections or operator rounds are scheduled everyday. Such operator rounds are predefined checklists of assets, locations, zones or rooms that need to be checked on various things: asset condition, sensor readings of unconnected sensors, tidiness, dangerous situations,… In many companies these are managed through paper forms that are printed, filled out and returned by the operator, while the supervisor is supposed to process these forms one by one to look for issues. Everybody is convinced that this is an outdated and inefficient way of working, yet in many companies this is still reality!

We propose a digital processing of operator rounds through smartphone or tablet. It provides all the benefits of paper checklists, but beats all the disadvantages of paper.

  • easily add photos of the situation in one go and provide annotations to hightlight the specific issue
  • Real-time data transfer: upon input of the data the data is immediately available in the cloud platform. 
  • Augment every step in your checklist with extra information. This way your employees have all information at hand whenever needed. This concern manuals, P&IDs, photos, 2D maps, instructions, procedures
  • automatic and immediate escalation of issues. No need to call and explain the issue. The issue can be immediately escalated through email or another system you use for issue handling. You can have the responsible immediately informed about all the details and photos of the issue.
  • automatic audit trail: who, when, where. It can all be logged using an operator round software solution. In addition, no issues anymore with reading illegible handwriting 😀

That’s exactly why we have created the GoRound app. Digitize your operator rounds and make them available through smartphone and tablet. Moreover, any type of checklist can be easily configured yourself, so it has added-value across production, maintenance and SHEQ!