How to efficiently manage 5S audits for better compliance?

In industry 5S audit are omnipresent and are getting more and more implemented. A safe and productive workplace is relevant in any industry including warehousing or production plants. Every workplace needs structure and discipline. 5S is organized around general topics: Sort, Systemize, Shine, Standardise, Sustain and is often complemented with Safety and Security (7S). The content of these themes are specific for each type of workplace or even your own company. 5S is part of Six Sigma lean management and allows to work efficiently and more accurate.

5S audits are relevant not only for the workers on the floor but also for managers in the company. You take the 5S checklist of the company into the workplace or zone to inspect. In many cases we see this happens through a paper-based process. But the paper-based process does not really fit with the objective of 5S, being efficient and accurate! A digital approach will! 

A 5S audit is not a typical checklist in which you navigate through each step and check whether the condition is met. As seasoned 5S auditor you rather work from observing an anomaly, which you then report into the right 5S section.

With our GoRound application you can make this process digital. You will take your smartphone or tablet. When you observe an anomaly in the inspected zone you can easily add a description and picture and add it to the right section and question in the 5S audit.

But the major benefit of using a digital approach is real time dashboarding and a more extensive audit trail. Instead of using non-scalable Excel tables a flexible dashboard will allow you to get real-time insights from any time range, workpkace, zone,… A custom scoring algorithm can be defined generating a score for each 5S record and one can also think about different weighing factors per type of S.

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