How do you manage your SHE obligations?


Guaranteeing safety is not an easy task

Administrative burden

Managing Safety, Health & Environment requires lots of paperwork. All procedures are documented rigorously and version control allows to keep track of changes. These are translated into numerous paper inspection lists to be used in your production plant.

Record and document issues

Inspections are the basis of SHE management. How many of them are filled out and filed on paper? Are these legible at all time, and well documented? How much time do you loose to assign photos to the right issue and to create a report?


Internal and external audits require lots of your precious time. Keeping your procedures up to date is one thing, but how do you manage all your inspections. How long do you need to show the auditor you perfomed inspections on a regular basis? And how do you show him the audit trail?

Go digital and experience the relief

All your templates at the fingertips of your workers at all time

With GoRound, no lost time searching or returning to your desk for the right pdf to print

Document issues and observations with photos with only one click

Write down your observation or record using speech-to-text and document with photos using the camera of your mobile device. All this is structured automatically in a web based and pdf report

Peace of mind during audits

An audit trail is kept automatically, recorded what has been done when by whom, for each single action. Using the GoRound search function you will find any requested evidence by an auditor in just 10 seconds, instead of searching for minutes in paper piles

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