Digital batch records and batch release results in
improved product quality and compliance

In the process industry batch records are key to keep track of the quality of a production batch. A batch record contains all the relevant data of the manufacturing process of a given batch. These can be analysis reports of internal controls or external lab analyses, failure of equipment and logging standard checks.

Currently, batch records are typically paper forms at the production line. The operator needs to log failures of the machines, visual product inspections, parameters such as temperature or pH, or lab analyses. Batch records are handed over to the next shift of the lab.

Digital batch records allow to go much further. It allows to integrate different data sources in one batch record and provide for more insight in real-time.

  • record data at the production line using tablet or smartphone
  • upload lab results in one go and assign to the right batch
  • integrate data from (IoT) sensors into the batch record to get a complete overview, eg level sensors of silos

The advantages of digital batch records are clear

  • No unnecessary delay of batch release anymore
  • more efficient recording
  • real-time transfer of issues and data to your colleagues